Turbobit Premium- The best file sharing service: Features you`re gonna like

Turbobit is a modern cloud storage and popular file sharing service. This is a convenient and useful platform for uploading and downloading any types of file, including photos, videos, texts, archives and much more. The Turbobit.net website is especially handy for those people, who works on-line. Also, file hosting is effective for regular personal use. This article comes on how to use turbobit fast downloader.

Main Benefits

  • easy to use anywhere & anytime. All you need is a PC, laptop or smartphone and a good internet connection;
  • the ability to choose from a variety of functions for any goals and objectives;
  • high download speed;
  • https support;
  • high level of security, complete confidentiality;
  • downloading data from FTP servers;
  • fast customer service.

Each client can use the site to download documents and media files without restrictions using premium access.

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Turbobit Membership Types

There are few options for using the service. Each user himself chooses one of the three types, which is most convenient for him.

  1. Anonymously, without registration.
  2. Free registration.
  3. Turbobit Premium Account.

Basic functions, such as uploading and downloading data, are available to any user, even with free registration or without Turbo Access. For members who have a premium account, our team provides advanced features and more favorable terms of use.

turbobit free premium account 2022

How to Choose a Suitable Membership Type

For actions with any type of file only 1-2 times a month you should choose guest-mode of the site. It is quite suitable for you. Non-registration client is downloading files in a free turbobit account without premium code. In this case, you do not need your own account.

For more varied use you need to register on the website, at least for free. Then the user has a personal account and the ability to manage his files. The download speed on the site and the maximum volume traffic will still be limited.

Obviously, the best way to work with the service is a subscription to a paid plan. You get a minimum of limits and a maximum of useful features.

What is Turbobit Premium

Premium turbo access basically includes all the same functionality as free acc, but at the same time it has a lot of exceptional advantages:

  • download speed up to 1 Gbit/s;
  • upload raise up to 100 GB by using a browser, no limit by FTP, ORL or torrent;
  • multi download function;
  • extended file storage life;
  • 100% data security;
  • lack of advertising;
  • a few membership types to choose.

These are just the main benefits of this file sharing service, but you can see for yourself the convenience. To do this, you should install the turbobit download manager program, or use the browser version. This software is only suitable for downloading files.

If you doubt that a paid subscription is worth that money, then check out the reviews of customers. Also, read recommendations on how to download anything on turbobit fast and free.

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How To Start

You are free to use the file sharing service from any device, for example, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you haven’t registered on the service yet, you should log in for the first time through the browser on PC.

The cloud storage interface is so elementary, that even a new user will figure out how to quickly download or upload any file.

Registration of a User

The whole process of registering a new user takes a few minutes. To create your personal account, click the orange “Register” button. You`ll see it on the top right of the desktop version of the website. Next, you need to enter your current email and create a password.

To expand your actual access to the premium, click the appropriate button right at the top of the site page after you are authorized. As soon as you select and pay for the add-on period, you immediately become a user with a Turbobit premium account.

In all time that you will be using turbobit.net premium account, you have to keep username and password to login. The easiest way to remember it is to write and keep it in a safe place. If you forgot your turbobit login – reset it by email.

Buy Instructions

The website accepts the most popular payment methods around the world: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi, WebMoney, Bitcoin, etc. For all premium users, the subscription add-on package is provided. If you activate it, the next payment gets a 25% discount. At the same time, you can cancel the turbobit.net premium account subscription at any time.

turbobit premium buy

Periods And Prices

Users can choose one of two traffic volumes: base or plus.

Life 1 week 1 month 6 months 1 year 2 years
Cost $5.95 $9,95 $34,95 $59,95 $89,95
Per day $0,85 $0,33 $0,19 $0,16 $0,12

So, the longer the add-on period, the cheaper the usage of the fast file sharing service. The FAQ section on the official website details how to get advanced features.

File Upload

Turbobit.net allows users to download files fast and free on a basic account. But it will be convenient to use a special client for Windows named Turbobit Uploader or through any internet browser with turbo access. You can use FTP, API or URL method.

Next actions:

  1. Click the orange «Select file» button or use Drag&Drop mode.
  2. Then click «Start download».
  3. Get a link to the downloaded material, or find it in the history in the «My files» tab.

You will realize how to use a premium turbobit downloader by checking the FAQ tab on the official website.

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Can I download From Other Sites?

This is not prohibited by our rules. Please, check out the full list of services available for file sharing on turbobit free or premium account.

Can I Upload An Archive?

You can work with the most famous software for creating archives, such as WinRAR, WinZIP, 7ZIP and others. To provide additional security measures, the user can use archive passwords.

Upload is Failed

First of all, check the computer health and the stability of the internet connection. Also, temporarily disable your antivirus or other programs that may affect the performance and speed of your PC. If uploading is failed instantly in account, check the black list of the forbidden files.

Maximum File Size For Upload

You can upload one or more files up to 100 Gb with a browser. If you use FTP, Url or Torrent – uploading is limitless. Used storage space will be released immediately right after uploading to your personal account.

What is Multi Upload?

This feature is available for any registered users. It allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously, which is very helpful in saving time.

Upload Via FTP Server

For this method, you should exploit a trusted host and an easy FTP manager. The download is available only for registered users who have passed authorization. You can get your personal and general data in the turbobit personal account in the «FTP Credentials” section. You shouldn`t transfer this information anywhere, the whole process is automated.

To simplify, you can set up automatic turbo uploading of materials from the server to your profile in your personal account. Then the system will move files every 10 minutes without your participation.

How to Delete a File

It is not necessary to wait for the file life to expire, because the owner can delete the uploaded material at any time. For this operation users will need to pass a turbobit premium security check. To log in and delete files inside the on turbobit premium profile you will need a username and password.

For registered user:

Log in to your account, open the main profile page and go to the «My Files» section. Select the required file, check the box on the left, scroll down and press the red button with a cross on it.

For an unregistered user:

If the client uploaded a file without authorization or turbobit premium, he receives a turbobit link to remove the uploaded material.

We notify, that if you lost the security code for the turbobit, then the new one will be activated within 15 days. Rules are relevant for 2022.

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How Can I Earn Money on the Website?

The site is useful not just as a convenient file sharing service, but also as an additional way to earn money. You can earn passive income easily from the comfort of your home.
There are few options on the project for those who want to earn money easily and fast.

  • Purchase option: you get up to 60% of purchases of your content, and you`ll receive 40% of all next purchases (re-bills);
  • Downloading option: you receive up to $25 for 1000 downloadings on the site;
  • Mixed option: up to 40% of all purchases + up to $7 for 1000 downloadings.

On mixed and downloading options the rewards depend on file size and client country. To study the issue of earning or start right now, go to the site in the “Make Money” tab.

turbobit fast downloader


Our official website has a special section with answers to the most common user questions. Anyone can read this information. We will briefly explain here the most popular questions and tell you in more detail how to download a file by premium turbobit or get turbo access.

How Can I Contact You?

Customer support is always ready to answer any questions, help solve the problems or give feedback. You can contact the support department in several ways: via e-mail support@turbobit.me, ICQ, Skype or using the feedback form. The average response time is no more than 24 hours, but usually the manager responds much faster. Sunday is a day off. If you have any misunderstandings about options – send us the link and your question by email.

How Long Turbobit Keep Files In Storage?

We keep your file on the portal for seven days if you are not a registered user. The similar retention period if the file has not been downloaded once in 7 days.

For registered users, the file storage period increased to 30 days from the moment the last uploaded file. For turbobit premium owners, the storage period on the file hosting service is 60 days.

Do You Have a Mobile Version or an App?

Yes, both mobile and desktop versions of the site have been developed for convenience. If you visit the site from a smartphone, it will automatically adapt to the gadget. We have also developed a special application for PC – a turbobit premium download manager (for paid options).

How to Get Turbobit Premium Account For Free?

Unfortunately, today there are many false schemes of scammers on the Internet who assure people that anyone can get free access to turbobit using a premium code. However, we advise you to use only proven methods for obtaining turbo access, that is, subscribing. Although there are various sites, in particular. Internet surveys that can give users a subscription or a promotional code for participation, but there are no guarantees for such a prize for everyone. Clients who share files rarely can use turbobit free in a basic account.

Why Was My File Deleted?

Your materials on the file sharing service may be deleted without exceeding the storage period. This means that your materials and / or your account in the service system violates the internal rules of use, copyrights or any state laws. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Your file has received a complaint from another user, in connection with violation of copyright or other regulations;
  •  Your file falls into the prohibited category and is blacklisted on turbobit.

You`re able to find out why a particular file was fully removed from our site on the downloads page inside your personal profile. We also inform you that the administration of the service reserves the right to block the user’s account completely if there are grounds for this.

The usage rules of the Turbobit file sharing service located on the official website. If you think that the file was deleted by mistake, you can file a complaint with the customer support service.

Forbidden Categories

Content that is not allowed to be uploaded to Turbobit account:

  1. Malicious files, viruses, programs.
  2.  Files containing obvious signs of financial and other pyramid schemes – instructions, diagrams, data.
  3. Content that violates copyright, with a missing license to distribute.
  4. Any kind of pornography (with children, animals or just 18+ materials).
  5. Files containing information of a terrorist bias: instructions, charters, tips, any materials (photo, video, text) that contain an incitement to criminal offenses, including against states and organizations.
  6. Content that can be regarded as propaganda of hatred and oppression based on race, gender or other characteristics.
  7. Data on illegal services and goods, in particular escort services, sex dating, drugs.

These terms of use are the same for turbobit free and premium accounts. If you doubt whether your file falls under the category of the black list, we invite you to read the full rules of the service on the official Turbobit website.

Is Turbobit Safe?

The service is extremely responsible for the personal data of users, which become available after its registration. In particular, this also applies to downloaded files. The Turbobit.net guarantees its customers that it does not transfer data to third parties. All information is securely encrypted, files are automatically deleted after a certain storage time.

Client data available to the provider are processed anonymously: geo-location, OS type, browser and IP address, as well as information that the user provides himself, meaning the name and email.

Downloading from the site is 100% safe. On all plans, including turbobit premium, we use a security code to confirm transactions. These codes are individual for each user and are unique. Another additional security measure during use is the limitation of unsuccessful login attempts to 10. Authorization on the site is also accompanied by entering a captcha.


The website is an excellent solution for those who work a lot and versatile with various files on the Internet. The service is simple and clear, the interface is convenient. Any user will quickly begin to navigate and learn how to download and upload files in just a couple of minutes. More advanced and handy features the client gets with a turbobit premium.

Numerous positive reviews from users of the turbobit premium file sharing service also indicate a high level of trust and successful experience of using thousands of people around the world. In addition to practical features, speed and nice bonuses for customers, the site also boasts the ability to generate additional income.

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